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Handicraft is about processing materials by hand with hand tools. The results can be useful items or decorative items. The materials used in the products can be natural, industrially processed or even recycled. The models of the products can be traditional, revised traditional or modern. Handicraft is deeply rooted in society and contributes to conserving and transmitting traditions. In their products, crafters transfer a part of their cultural heritage in ideas, forms, materials and work methods, as well as their own values, philosophy of life, lifestyle and self-image. Craftspeople, also called artisans, possess technical knowledge of materials and work methods. They are skilled workers whose profession is based on manual skills. Their main tools are the know-how of work methods and their manual skills. Handicraft contains a lot of tacit knowledge which grows each year, alongside with skills. The guild and apprentice system has been widely used to transfer skills and tacit knowledge. Theme-based craft is a comprehensive, well-organized backline  master of interesting, based on the following popular 5 select themes – Needle Work, Tribal Crafts, Natural fibre And Eco friendly Crafts, Fashion Accessories and Festive Decorations providing in-depth information about the craft, products, sellers and awarded master craft persons in these particular crafts.