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Natural Fibre and Eco Friendly Products

Indian handicrafts is an art of creating crafts by hand in India is named Indian handicrafts, in ancient India people lived in colonies known as tribal and  they were used to create utility things for his or her daily need, that art of creating the crafts known as handicrafts, and also the things known as handicrafts product. Then people started marketing these products in the native markets “haat”. Time has been passed and people became more developed and civilized altogether aspects, people who were creating handicraft product have started trading their makings by increasing demand and population.


Natural Fiber

Fibers or fibers is a category of hair-like materials that are continuous filaments or are in separate elongated items, the same as items of thread. They can be spun into filaments, thread, or rope. They can be used as a part of composite materials. They can even be matted into sheets to create product like paper or felt. Fibers are of two types: fiber and manmade or man-made fiber. Natural fibers include those made of plant, animal and mineral sources. Natural fibers are often classified in keeping with their origin. Vegetable fibers are usually comprised chiefly of cellulose: examples include cotton, jute, flax, ramie, sisal, and hemp. Cellulose fibers serve in the manufacture of paper and fabric. The most used natural fibers are cotton, flax and hemp, though sisal, jute, and coconut also are widely used. Animal fibers usually comprise proteins; examples include silk, wool, angora, fabric and alpaca. Mineral fibers are naturally occurring fiber or slightly changed fiber procured from minerals co-Friendly merchandise


Paper bags and notebooks

Objective: Save Trees and also the atmosphere.

Every day we face debates on the ban of plastic baggage. The much cry in the air for the ban of plastic baggage has raised varied question for us. Why to ban plastic baggage, as they're strong and convenient? What’s the logic behind it? And, what's the alternative?

Plastic baggage is fashionable shoppers and retailers as they're a purposeful, light-weight, strong, cheap, and healthful way to transport food and different product. Plastic may be a huge threat to our Planet Earth. The reason is plastics aren't biodegradable. Plastic isn't capable of being decomposed by biological agents. Hence, once thrown when use, it's not decomposed, that tends to threat the planet. The alternative is the bag which is often atmosphere friendly and simply biodegradable. Hence, to save our surroundings and our earth from the harmful plastics, we should always begin using paper created product. These Paper luggages are either manufactured from virgin wood pulp or recycled paper or hand-crafted papers. Most paper luggage is made of wrapping paper. Wrapping paper could also be uncolored (brown) or bleached (white) and might be created in a wide variety of strengths or thickness (called "weight" by the industry).

Notebooks manufactured from hand-crafted paper are quiet popular these days. As they're manufactured from hand-crafted papers, they're eco-friendly. These notebooks are currently obtainable in varied designs and color. The hand-crafted paper notebooks are directly engaged in saving hundreds and thousands of trees. By shopping for and using the hand-crafted paper notebooks you will be directly or indirectly concerned in saving our Planet Earth from "Deforestation" and "Greenhouse Effects"


Eco friendly furniture

Eco friendly {furniture piece of piece of furniture article of furniture furnishings} is furniture that's created in a manner that has minimum negative impact on the atmosphere. This implies that wherever wood is used, it's come back from renewable sources and any chemicals utilized in the method don't contaminate or damage the atmosphere.



Ecofan will cut back fuel usage up to 18. This saving additionally interprets into a reduction of particulate and carbon emissions. the utilization of an Ecofan not solely saves you money, it helps the atmosphere.



Shoes are manufactured from animal skin; thereby leading to the extinction of many animals. Eco-shoes is recycled and reused. Today, various shoe makers are arising with eco-friendly shoes.


Eco- Friendly Paint

Eco friendly paints continually score over the traditional paints that use a good deal of chemical parts. some of the first sick effects of these chemical based mostly paints are burning eyes, nose and throat, irritated skin, minor skin burns, headaches, dizziness, etc. At the secondary level they can be the reason for headache, skin cancer, asthma, urinary organ harm, etc. Therefore, a safer various is eco friendly paints that are composed of natural ingredients. Mostly all eco friendly paints are water based and don't leave harmful footprints at all. Moreover, natural parts gift in these paints are biodegradable. The Eco-Friendly Handicraft things .Eco-Friendly Handicraft things are of manufactured from jutes, waste materials, hand-crafted paper product, plywood product, cloth product, hand-crafted salutation cards, recycled bottles, recycled product, biodegradable product, etc.


Banana Fiber

BANANA Fiber is a natural fiber that has wide selection of uses in handicrafts product developments like mat rope and twins. Banana Fiber is extracted from banana bark. The trunk is peeled. Brown-green skin is thrown away holding the cleaner or white portion which can be processed into knotted fibers. This fiber can currently be used for creating varied product like Coasters, Table, Mats, Bags, Runners, Floor Mats, and Home Furnishings


Cane & Bamboo

Cane and Bamboo forms an integral part in the lives of the people. Bamboo is used in many ways to create many articles and usually people use it in many ways to create those things that are needed in their day to day lives.

Bamboos are large woody grasses and over 1200 species of bamboo are known to exist throughout the globe, with sizes starting from miniatures to giants stems of over 60 meters. Bamboos are among the quickest growing plants on the earth and are an integral a part of the cultural, social and economic tradition .The traditional use for Bamboos to create household piece of furniture items like little stools, decorative things like flowers, utility things like pen stands, image frames, baskets and mud bins. engaging user friendly and eco- friendly product created out of cane and bamboo are fruit and vegetable baskets, beer mugs, hair clips, flower vases, containers etc. Cane and bamboo craft is one of the various crafts that are found in Sikkim. The articles created are mainly for day to day use. Bamboo is a smart substitute for plastics, steel and cement for housing, furnishings construction and agricultural tools and implements together with new styles and improved technologies. It’s additionally an ecologically property raw material which can offset the exploitation of our forests


Vegetable dyed

The art of creating natural dyes is one among the oldest better-known to human. In India, it had been used for coloring cloth and different materials. although the terribly earliest dyes were discovered by chance using berries and fruits, with experimentation and gradual development the vegetable dyes have resulted into a extremely refined art of creating natural dyes is one among the oldest better-known to human. In India, it had been used for coloring cloth and different materials. Although the terribly earliest dyes were discovered by chance using berries and fruits, with experimentation and gradual development the vegetable dyes have resulted into a extremely refined art Sources of Vegetable dyes

The common sources of vegetable dyes are as under:

Parts of Plants like leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, barks, roots of dye Yielding plants.(ii) Minerals like Prussian blue, red ochre and pigment,(iii) Animal origins like animal product and kermes.



The Handicrafts of Bamboo is one among the oldest crafts better-known to man. It’s universally practiced at varied regions throughout India. India is had a fashionable source bamboo materials, and therefore the Indian artisans had observe to provide beautiful utility articles. These things are meant for family uses. In trendy days, numerous types of decorative things also are created out of cane and bamboo. The craft of Bamboo cane is full time employment of thousands of individuals in India. These artisans also are engaged in creating decorative things. the decorative price of Bamboo craft things is huge. The utilitarian side of those bamboo articles is an extra attraction. The vary of bamboo product is wide from boxes, chairs, teapots, baskets, hand bags, etc.


Shital pati,

Shital Patti is also referred to as sital pati and sittal pati, could be a reasonably mat that feels cold naturally. It’s made of murta plants. The murta plant grows around water bodies in sylhet, sunamganj, barisal, tangail, comilla, noakhali, feni and Chittagong. Recently nakshi pati manufactured from murta plants is on the market only in Sylhet and Noakhali districts of Bangladesh.